MD+C in the News

“The momentum behind design + build delivery is spreading into new segments of the market and areas of the country.”

“All of MD+C’s work is custom-made.  Founded in 1932, the company built its reputation on custom commercial design and wood work, and now it is becoming known for its high-end custom residential construction work.”

“At MD+C, doing it right seems to be more than just a slogan.  The carpenters who work here, making custom cabinetry, woodwork and even one-of-a-kind standalone furniture pieces, say they like working in a shop where they are rewarded for doing things well instead of doing things quickly.”

“A neo-Georgian house in Providence, Rhode Island, recalls not only the graceful symmetry of 18th century architecture, but also the era’s unparalleled millwork.”

"It is a beacon of change, in that something forward-looking is comfortably and not aggressively at home in the most old-world of the city’s neighborhoods.”